Friday, June 6, 2008

Digital Photography Tips and Tricks

Every day, the market is increasingly crammed with digital cameras, and it can boggle the mind to figure out which one to buy, and how to use it. Should you buy based on megapixels? How much is enough zoom? Should you invest in a digital SLR, or would a smaller, point and shoot camera be more than enough? And, once you've taken the picture, what's the best way to store, edit, print or otherwise display it?

Blogpire Productions is happy to introduce Picture Snob to help you answer just these questions. Packed with real-world advice from photographers and camera nuts, Picture Snob offers product reviews, industry news and tips and tricks on everything from cameras, digital frames, printers and scanners to software, digital printing services and photo sharing services

"People get overwhelmed by all the options in digital photography, and rightfully so," says Susan Moriarty, the brains behind Picture Snob. "There'll always be a next best thing, but it's truly about understanding a few key features to find what works best for you. Then you can get on with it and have fun!"

She adds, "Once you've gotten comfortable with the digital camera, there are the issues of storage and display. We're still evolving there -- digital photo frames, web-based sharing and custom publishing are just the first of many offerings to come."

"Digital photography is entertaining. How many times have you seen someone take a picture and then folks crowd around to laugh and interact right then and there, maybe do a second take or another funny face? Photography has become an experience for all involved. After the initial investment in a digital camera, you are free to experiment, create and play at no added expense. The options are truly endless."