Friday, June 6, 2008

Free Teleseminar Series Features World's Top Writers of Money-Making Sales Copy

Every week through early August, A-list copywriter David Deutsch is hosting a free teleseminar series with one of an all-star lineup of renowned copywriters and super-successful copywriter-entrepreneurs.

"There is no easier, quicker, more dependable way to make money online or off," says David Deutsch, ''than by learning how to use words to persuade people to act. And that's what copywriting -- and OPERATION COPY QUICK-START -- is all about.''

David knows about making money with words, since his sales copy ( has sold millions of dollars of products and services for clients such as Boardroom/Bottom Line Books, for other large book and newsletter publishers, for Fortune 500 companies, and for small entrepreneurs.

Guests featured on these calls include some of the best-known copywriting and marketing legends in the direct response world:

- Jay Abraham is the copywriting and marketing genius other copywriting and marketing geniuses turn to for advice. With breathtaking brilliance and simplicity, his "Strategy of Pre-Eminence" will give you the surest and fastest way to win over prospects and dominate your market.

- Dan Kennedy, well known business author, ''Millionaire-Maker'' and ''Professor of Harsh Reality,'' will reveal how he writes more copy in a morning than many copywriters write in a month ... copy that's famous for pulling money out of prospects' pockets like a high-powered magnet.

- Herschell Gordon Lewis (on behalf of AWAI) may well be the world's best-known writer and direct response consultant. You'll never look at copy the same way again after he shows you exactly how to use just the right words to get just the effect you want. (And we'll surely ask him about his cinematic career as ''The Godfather of Gore''!)

- John Carlton, king of hard-hitting, can't-stop-reading-it copy, will reveal how he comes up with the powerful headlines, hooks, and rock-'em, sock-'em body copy that makes him one of the most successful, respected and feared copywriters working today.

- Joe Vitale, one of the stars of the movie ''The Secret,'' will reveal how writers and marketers can use the power of attraction -- plus, how to write copy that's literally hypnotic.

- Clayton Makepeace, copywriting legend, will show you how to add the super-charging power of emotion to your copy. And how he makes millions writing copy for clients without being a "writer-for-hire."

- Yanik Silver, a hugely successful Internet marketer, will show you how to create not just the income you want, but the total lifestyle that you desire. (And wait until you hear about his lifestyle.)

- Matt Furey, acclaimed Internet marketer of products that condition your body and your mind, will teach you how to make $100,000 or more a year writing simple emails that take just 10-12 minutes to compose. (It's how he built his own multi-million dollar business.)

- Brad Antin and Bill Harris (Centerpointe Research) are co-creators of the revolutionary seminar, How to Think Like a Marketer. Brad will reveal a simple image that, if you keep it in mind, will magically transform the power of your copy.

- Michel Fortin, super-successful Web copywriter and master of the long-copy sales letter, will reveal the crucial, easy-to-improve skill that's guaranteed to make your copy far more tantalizing, compelling and responsive.

- Michael Morgan will reveal how he came out of nowhere to become a million-dollar copywriter and Internet marketing superstar. Just by having fun.

- Brett McFall, an international copywriting and marketing superstar based in Australia, runs 9 super-successful online businesses, as well as the world's largest Internet marketing seminar. Gary Halbert once said of him: "This guy will make you millions."

To sign up for the series and receive the phone number and passcode each week for each call, go to