Saturday, July 26, 2008

What Started Off as a Joke, Became the World's Largest Internet Challenge

After reading about a challenge to write a complete novel in 30 days, a Melbourne entrepreneur, (as a joke) decided to apply the same idea to his love of the Internet... and accidentally started the world's largest Internet challenge.

The aim of this challenge is to make your first $1 online without spending a single cent... and after a modest start 4 years ago, like all things on the internet, it went viral and has become the worlds largest internet based learning program/challenge with 30,000 people from places such as Manchester, Melbourne, Spain and India all taking part.

"I was in New York on business and picked up a book about the National Writers Month, where people from across the USA would try their luck at writing an entire novel in 30 days", explains Ed Dale "I thought it was a great way to build a community and have some fun, so I applied the same concept to my love of the Internet and with the help of a few friends the first Thirty Day Challenge was born."

"I still scratch myself every year, as it gets bigger and bigger" said Dale "We've even had 8 past challenge participants go on to become millionaires. It's just incredible."

It all starts again this year on August 1 and you can find out more information at