Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Next Level of Career Management and Networking

The career resource conglomerate, Monster(tm) and the social networking heavy weight, MySpace(tm) can now see what their "child" would look like if they were to form a union -, which launched in February of 2008, is a creation that has brought the best of these two worlds together by offering a venue for social interaction while being a support for those in the workplace. With the ability to chat, start or join groups, post messages and blog, fulfills today's need to reach out to others over the web. By offering work-related advice, career tips, job listings and even information and links to career alternatives, such as work at home opportunities, this online resource also fulfills a niche centered on career management.

The environment is positive, upbeat and supportive. Though many have negative experiences to share, everyone is professional and looks for honest feedback. The heart behind this social community welcomes members and keeps them coming back.

This website creates a social community that provides a truly unique experience. Members are able to contribute to discussions, post pictures, upload videos and create a profile, while giving and receiving support on both work-related and non-work-related issues. This career network then raises the bar further by offering the chance to win prizes based on participation through creative and fun contests, such as "Secret Hot Topics," "Gas Price Crisis," "Best Employee of Metro Detroit" and "Member of the Month."

Its CEO and founder, Nova Yeoman, has created a place where career management and social networking converge in a unified and practical setting.