Sunday, October 5, 2008

CREATIVITY: A Science-based Outlook on Life and Work

Creativity is one of the most important and sought-after qualities of a productive person in our society. In "CREATIVITY: A Science-based Outlook on Life and Work" (published by AuthorHouse - authors Anders Lennart Swahn and Staffan Svahn take creativity beyond the workplace to reveal its true nature and origin.

The burgeoning science of creativity can look to "CREATIVITY" as the first universal, basic textbook on the subject. Swahn and Svahn develop a vocabulary that makes this subject accessible. Included in this vocabulary are the terms "ReActions," which stem from actions that take their cue from past experience, a part of the brain called "Knowing," and "CreActions," that are generated from a part of our inner unconscious the authors call "Being," which diverges from experience.

Swahn and Svahn see their theory of creativity as a human complement to Einstein's theory of relativity in respect to the integrated way we generate and use creative action in all aspects of our lives regardless of our five senses. The domains of Being and Knowing their content and function, form the foundation of Swahn and Svahn's research. They write:

We have established that all information from Knowing is an individual interpretation of facts. It is expressed in a relative, comparative, logical and analytical way, and this is what we call an analog process. The only alternative to relative is absolute, and the only alternative to analog is digital; we can compare this with what we have found out - that the only two alternatives to our inner reality are either Knowing or Being. This would mean that Being is of digital nature. This hypothesis is probably correct, because in Being we find the true representation of life, and not the filtered version that we have received through our limited senses. There is no possibility or room for interpretation. It holds only absolute values. Something is, meaning it exists, or it is not; it can only be or not be. This is similar to information processed in a computer, which is digitally decoded into ones (is) or zeros (is not). This would indicate that Being is working with digital processing.

"CREATIVITY" will assist the evolution of a new creativity science that can be taught globally as it transcends all ethnical, cultural and religious differences among people. It reveals a basic Operating System for all human activities that potentially will present a leap for human resources development comparable to the leap in materialistic terms taken during the digital age. Swahn and Svahn reveal how recent advances in cognitive science can unlock the creative potential of everyone while stressing the necessity of studying creativity science in every high school and university.

Anders Lennart Swahn has a global career as an engineer and industrialist in the private sector and technical education and training specialist for UNESCO, the ILO and the World Bank.

Staffan Svahn works internationally in the retail and wine industry as a human resource consultant.