Sunday, December 21, 2008

12 Months Of Free Advice To Start A Business - In 5 Minutes

It takes a lifetime for many individuals to learn the secrets to starting a business and of being a successful entrepreneur. For others, it might take as little as five minutes, with some help from the host of the Business Owner's Toolkit radio show.

Troy Janisch, host of the nationally-syndicated Business Owner's Toolkit radio show, recently gathered advice from business owners and business experts to share a free, five-minute audio track offering business advice to entrepreneurs. The track, entitled 'Incorporate Your Dream,' gathers some of the best advice shared on the radio show during 2008, and challenges would-be entrepreneurs to overcome hesitations to pursue their dream of owning a business, and incorporate their dream.

"The audio track is a five minute crash-course in entrepreneurship," said Janisch. "Two thirds of Americans say they want to own their own business but many of them are overwhelmed by the prospect of starting a business in a tough economy. The track shares the advice and inspiration of their peers."

For example, the track cautions entrepreneurs not to let fears of the economy prevent them from being successful. According to the audio track "worrying about the economy is about as effective as building your future on sub-prime mortgages." Janisch said many of the factors that work against large corporations in a tough economy create advantages for small businesses and entrepreneurs who can bootstrap effectively and provide new, more cost-effective solutions in the marketplace.

The free track is available for listening online at and can be downloaded from

Business Owner's Toolkit radio show is a fast-paced, entertaining, one-hour call-in radio program that provides advice and inspiration to small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.