Sunday, December 28, 2008

Don't Get Lost In The Web Wilderness

Most of the time, when internet users want to find something online, they go straight to a search engine and type in their search terms. Its such an obvious point that most people never give it a second thought, but it has made the dominant search engines, from Yahoo to Google, some of the biggest brands on the internet.

It has also made the mysterious art of search engine optimization, or SEO, one of the most critical tools in online business today, according to business experts. Simply put, the term SEO describes the various methods of designing and writing a website to ensure that when someone enters relevant search terms into Google, the website is returned near the top of the results page.

"There's just no point in having the greatest website in the universe if you've got zero traffic," says Mark Sinclair, Features Editor with online business TV channel yourBusinessChannel. "It's surprising how often businesses forget this, despite common sense and the advice of online business experts."

The business TV network ( is now producing a series of business TV shows focussing on how SEO works, and how businesses and entrepreneurs can use it to boost website traffic and, ultimately, online sales.

"We've assembled a team of the world's leading web experts to contribute practical expert business development advice on SEO for small business websites," says Sinclair. "Anyone familiar with the subject knows there's good SEO and bad SEO. Our business experts focus on the good side - producing loads of great content for your site, and coding pages in such a way that Google ensures the audience finds your site."

Business experts interested in contributing to the business TV series can contact the yourBusinessChannel editorial team at for further information