Sunday, December 28, 2008

Using LinkedIn -- Even More Ways to Use LinkedIn for Business

Using LinkedIn is not optional in today's business climate. With over 30 million users, it is the social network for the professional world. In the first edition of the book: I'm on LinkedIn -- Now What??? author Jason Alba showed businesses how to find new clients, get sales leads, and build professional networks on LinkedIn. In the second edition, Alba gives even more LinkedIn strategies.

"My first book, 'I'm on -- Now What???' sold ten times more copies than I expected. Shortly after writing it I realized it would need to be updated. This edition includes all of the additional features LinkedIn has added since then. This includes Applications, Group discussions, and new Company features. You'll learn more ways to use LinkedIn to build your career or businesss," said Jason Alba, author and CEO of a job search tool.

Professionals and businesses should have more than just a LinkedIn profile - they need a LinkedIn strategy. Each chapter summarizes exactly how to maximize LinkedIn for a job search or business goals.

LinkedIn is not a replacement for traditional or online networking efforts. Instead, it's an excellent tool for developing additional facets of a networking strategy. 'I'm on Linkedin -- Now What??? Second Edition shows how.