Sunday, February 22, 2009

55DSL Audience Design Contest: THE FIFTH DIMENSION

Join the design community at the Cut&Paste Digital Design Tournament and enter this year's Audience Design Contest (ADC) in 2D design, presented by 55DSL, to express your own creativity and challenge yourself to a rapid design round, just like the competing designers onstage.


Join forces with 55DSL in the outer reaches of the galaxy and enter the Fifth Dimension—a place where space invader girls twirl their 1000-inch curls, monsters from Mars drink mojitos in bars, surf-cowboy beats make waves on the streets, and psychedelic chimps hang with intergalactic pimps.

Your objective: to create an electronically generated T-shirt graphic based on the creative guidelines stated here. Your incentive: a full outfit from the 55DSL Spring/Summer 2009 collection and a trip to the first-ever Cut&Paste Global Championship, where the global winner of this contest will be announced. All you have to do is come out to your local Cut&Paste competition, enter the 55DSL area, and sign up to try your own 15-minute design round. When your turn arrives, take a seat in front of the computer, open up Photoshop, grab the mouse, and express your own ingenious view of the 55DSL Fifth Dimension.


All designs submitted for 55DSL's Fifth Dimension ADC will be judged on aesthetics, originality, and style as well as for coherence with 55DSL's Spring/Summer 2009 collection. One global winner will be selected in early June, after entries from all 16 cities in this year's Cut&Paste global tour have been reviewed. The winning entry will be announced on and specially featured in the ADC online gallery. The global winner will be notified in June and awarded with a complete 55DSL Spring/Summer 2009 collection outfit. He/she will also receive an expenses-paid trip to Cut&Paste's first-ever Global Championship, taking place on June 20 in New York City, where the winner will be officially announced onstage.