Sunday, February 22, 2009

EmploymentCrossing Launches Job Site for Entertainment Professionals

Keeping in mind the growing needs of entertainment professionals, EmploymentCrossing, a leading job board, launched EntertainmentCrossing ( this week. EntertainmentCrossing aspires to list all types of entertainment jobs from every possible source. It also seeks to provide details on career advancement opportunities and employment information related to the industry.

The company believes that most of the job boards reflect only 10-15% of the existing jobs in an industry. Most of the jobs are either remotely located or unadvertised. EntertainmentCrossing scours for entertainment jobs from 250,000 employer websites too, along with 8,000 job boards and other sources.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment growth rate projected for technical entertainment professionals for the 2006-2016 decade is about 12%. Jobs for anchors, journalists, and broadcasters are expected to increase, according to the bureau's predictions for the decade. Intense competition is expected for most entertainment jobs.

The entertainment industry attracts a large number of job seekers for various types of jobs. Most applicants for entertainment jobs are the youth, and due to high competition, employers seek those who can perform their jobs immediately with minimal training. Also, candidates with sound technical backgrounds, such as camera operators and video editors, have the best job opportunities in this field.

Technology in the industry is rapidly changing, forcing most entertainment professionals to constantly update their skills, particularly in large metropolitan areas. Job prospects are good for college graduates with degrees in broadcasting, journalism, media, and other relevant fields.

Despite sound job prospects, the current economic downturn has affected the entertainment job market as many entertainment companies are reportedly facing huge losses. Various entertainment and media firms plan to or have already filed for bankruptcy. In our past news release, EntertainmentCrossing wrongly said that Sirius XM and Charter Communications have already filed for bankruptcy. Sirius XM was considering bankruptcy until this week when Liberty Media agreed to loan the company $530 million to avoid bankruptcy. Meanwhile, Charter Communications will file for bankruptcy on or before April 1.

Entertainment professionals working in various jobs like media jobs, information technology jobs, writing jobs, etc. are said to face the danger of being obliterated without any trace due to the collapse of many entertainment firms. The most recent instance being Gaylord Entertainment Co. which cut 350 jobs which amounts to about 3.5% of the total workforce. On the other hand, more than 7,000 people have applied for jobs at Kings Island, according to the amusement park officials. This shows that if one searches for jobs in the right areas, anyone can learn about an existing job related to their niche industry.