Friday, May 15, 2009

The World's First Free Online Computer

icloud today unveils that it is more than an online computer; it is also a fun fast growing social community available worldwide in 18 languages. icloud shows how a desktop + community makes everyday life easier for its digital inhabitants.

Daniel Arthursson, founder of icloud, says: "We see icloud as a next generation community platform, with powerful applications, sharing, group and desktop functionality beyond what people today expect from a community."

Everyone in icloud is provided a free, secure online computer -- a private space on the Internet. Within icloud is also a vibrant social community, file sharing, email, instant messaging and capabilities to publish and share contents through your public icloud profile.

* 3 GB free storage space to safely store documents, photos and music

* 50 free applications and widgets such as Office, Mail, Music,
Video, IM, Sharing, Games, Collaboration and Development tools

* Public profile,

* Free email

* File sharing and free backup with secure storage, including WedDav

* Zero installation, icloud runs in Internet Explorer or Firefox

icloud is available for free, and open for sign-ups. To learn more about icloud, visit