Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Ability of Twitter Networks to Help in Blogging in Your Market Niche

Social networking has taken the internet by storm, where people from all walks of life are now able to link up on websites like twitter and Facebook. If you are looking to learn and discover new online business ideas, then you need to enroll in these social networking websites and connect with profession thus making your journey towards making money online easy.

For example, on twitter you can learn more on internet marketing if you read hash tags like #blogchat. This hash tags are run every Sunday by MackCollier and here online marketing experts discuss blogging tips. The beauty of twitter is the fact that users are limited to the number of characters they can use, which is 140 characters. This element ensures that discussions are tips focused, also known as Crowd sourcing.

The minute you have established a good network and thus gather substantive information, you can crowd source on twitter posts. Rapport with a network means you can solicit blog topics from the real source hence have facts rather than assumptions. This can be done by receiving direct messages from other twitter users to your in-box or even via public post.

A blogging tip worth looking into; is creating a twitter network of your target audience then ask them to forward blog topics that they would like you to write about. Post provocative questions and study the responses and feedback from your target audience. This is how you get to know the issues facing your target market, and addressing them on your blog or website.

As an additional benefit, as you address your target audience needs you will gain recognition in your market niche.

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