Sunday, February 21, 2010

Recession No Killer Of Creativity For New Business

Whilst banks and lending institutions might be reluctant to part with their cash during the current recession, it seems that this is not sufficient to put a damper on the creativity of would-be entrepreneurs, many of whom have their redundancy payouts to help get them started. In fact, some are even looking to take advantage of the opportunities that the economic crisis has generated, with plans such as those to set up CV writing businesses which can be started at minimal cost and run online on a shoestring budget. For those with the creative ideas but the lack of know-how to set up an Internet business, the new website at and the Pathways programme could be just what is needed to turn those creative ideas into reality.

Despite the economic environment and the inevitable dip in the number of start-up companies compared to 2006 and early 2007, new business owners have remained remarkably undeterred when it comes to putting their creative ideas into action. The British Bankers’ Association (BBA) reported that the level of start-up activity during the first quarter of 2009 was in fact almost equal to that seen during the same period in 2008, albeit that the economy has worsened greatly in the intervening period. For many, the recession has provided them with the opportunity to forge ahead with creative ideas which have stayed on the back burner for years and might otherwise have been there now.

With the push for many to join the ranks of the self-employed still strong, Internet business still booming and levels of available financial resources variable, the comprehensive Pathways guide to setting up a successful Internet business provides everything that the new entrepreneur needs to know to get a business off the ground, and all contained within a single resource. Each of the 12 self-contained modules leads the user step by step through the entire process of setting up and running an online business, from conception to business development. Designed with practicality in mind, Pathways takes in how to set up and register an online business, create a merchant account, and build and promote a website so that it attracts high levels of traffic. For those who are entirely new to the world of business, it even tackles how to deal with tax and VAT, so providing a totally comprehensive guide which even those with basic Internet knowledge can follow and put into practice.

Past years of economic certainty and employer loyalty have provided little incentive for those with aspirations to become self-employed to make their move. With actual or threatened unemployment a greater reality nowadays, however, and with the practical tools available to make it happen, the country could see more and more creative ideas being taken down from the shelf and dusted off.

Only has this most recent economic downturn seen many over 50s ousted from their jobs, but some who have already reached retirement age have been forced to defer their retirement plans, whilst others who had already said their goodbyes to the workplace have had to make an unexpected return. To make matters worse, government’s efforts to cut unemployment in the under 25s has had a further negative impact on older workers, according to a recent study conducted by the Trades Union Congress (TUC), with employers now hiring in favour of the youngsters. With a wealth of transferable business skills acquired during their years in the workplace, however, and the help of the new Pathways guide to building a successful web business, there is hope yet for the over 50s to avoid financial worry or discomfort.

The Internet might well be viewed as the ‘young person’s domain’, and it is certainly true that the Millennials can find their way around today’s technology with the greatest of ease, but it would be unfair to assume that the older generations cannot navigate their way around a computer without a stick either. The last 30 years have seen the vast majority of employees exposed to modern technology in general and the World Wide Web in particular, and a basic level of skill at least is common to most. This knowledge, combined with the life and work experience of the over 50s, actually leaves them in a very strong position to be able to take advantage of online business opportunities.

The older generation is no different to anyone else when it comes to setting up an Internet business. What they need is a straightforward guide which leads them step by step through each stage of the process from beginning to end, and is not full of information which is both complicated to understand and largely, or even wholly irrelevant. Julie Arnold, the designer of the Pathways home learning course, understands this only too well, having spent a great deal of unnecessary time and money in trying to set up her own online venture. After making all the mistakes and finding her way through the fog of information, what she has been able to do is distil her learning into a totally practical and comprehensive guide which can be followed by learners at even the most basic level, regardless of whether their aim is to make a modest income through affiliate marketing or develop a successful online store. For the over 50s, the course represents a real opportunity to make up any shortfall that recent world events have brought about.

The website,, and the Pathways programme have been developed to provide an affordable tool to enable ordinary individuals to set up an online business quickly and easily.