Monday, March 8, 2010

Freelancing As a Growing Job Hub by Yachika Verma

The world is moving up, and doing so at a fast pace, which means that there is no time to reflect back and take it easy. Nowadays, the operative word is innovation, and people are doing so in their professional front with aplomb. The online world has become a social job circuit for everyone who does not want to indulge their lives doing run of the mill desk jobs and at the same time want to earn decent money. One such career which is on the up rise is freelancing.

You might be wondering what freelancing is? I m sure you must have heard of the term before but not everybody is familiar with what it exactly means. Well, freelancing is a form of work where you are not obligated to work for any particular firm or company and you can just work independently, and your ideas and your work maybe taken up by companies that find your work exciting enough. Freelancing is a fast growing career options which many people are resorting to for some extra cash in their pockets. Companies these days are on the lookout for freelancers who can give them secure work and quality work. You might again have a question as to why a company would want a freelance writer.

The answer to that in economic terms is pretty simple really. The companies these days are on the verge of downsizing and majority of the firms all across the world are facing job cuts, what with the recession hitting and the economy capsizing. The company would have to hire individuals who are qualified for a job and pay them salaries on a monthly basis, which again is bad for business considering the modern economy and the times that we are going through. That is exactly why they want a freelancer, who can give them the same quality of work and still work on a per project basis. This way, the company saves on paying full fledged salaries of employees and still gets the job done, with an outsourced worker who likes to work independently.

Another aspect of choosing freelancing is the role of technology in the modern world. The communication channels via emails and phones have become lightning quick and you can be rest assured that the work you assign to a freelancer would reach your desk in the nick of time, which is a great plus in itself. Also, if you hire a freelance executive, the greatest thing you do is avoid paying additional costs. The freelancer would only charge you for the project that you assign to him and not a dime more. So, you save on paying his health insurance, bonus benefits, increments etc. that ways, you are saving money and at the same time, making sure that the work is done on time. This is precisely why it is said that the freelance way is the best way in the market at the present moment!!

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