Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tips for Creating a Successful Podcasting Series

Experts predict by 2012, "broadband media" such as podcasts, online streaming video, and ad-supported music and video download services will make up more than half the total revenue the U.S. generates in advertising. That is more than $6.6 billion. The Tips for Creating a Successful Podcasting Series free white paper contains all the techniques used by profitable podcasters.

The Mequoda Group believes in assisting publishers and content marketers to the greatest extent. As society becomes more media-rich, the avenues for generating revenue increase. As podcasting in itself is an unfamiliar territory to many, this complimentary white paper offers valuable information. Use it to grow your circulation and build a larger email marketing list.

The subjects included in the free Tips for Creating a Successful Podcasting Series are:

-How to determine whether podcasting is right for your publication
-SEO tips for podcasting, vodcasting and social media
-How to track and measure the impact of your product

Mequoda constantly strives to help publishers succeed online by providing them with an array of services, including free daily tips, free reports, webinars, live events, consulting services and software services.

If you are already producing content and feel an audio medium would benefit your publication, then feel free to visit for your complimentary copy of Tips for Creating a Successful Podcasting Series.