Sunday, May 2, 2010

5 Biggest Reasons Why You Aren't Getting Success in Freelancing by Foqrul Islam

Many freelancers seem to give up freelancing because of not getting desired success. It's really a disappointing thing that, many people around the world give up their regular 9 to 5 job and start freelancing from their home. So, why don't they get success although they try hard? However, as a newbie to the outsourcing world, you should aware of the 5 biggest mistakes. You would be glad to know that, in this article, I am going to tell you the biggest 5 reasons that ultimately put an end to your freelance career.

1. You Don't Complete Your Project Within The Given Time:
It's really disappointing that many freelancers don't complete their projects within the given time. However, you should know that, the person you work for is obviously looking for the work done by you within a certain time. Notwithstanding, this is the reason why freelancers don't get a good feedback score. On the other hand a great feedback score can lead you to be a successful freelancer as you don't have to fight with hundreds of providers for a job. A buyer will simply choose you for the interview if you have an appealing feedback score.

2. You Don't Take Your Jobs Seriously:
Many providers don't take freelancing jobs seriously. They think it's nothing more important than just passing some time on the internet. However, many freelancers just get fired because of this weird thing. Whatever the job is, concentrate on it and try to do it efficiently.

3. You Are Doing Too Many Jobs At a Time:
Nowadays, many freelancers seem to do a number of jobs at a time. Sadly, it always ends up with a negative result. Think for a while, (assume) you go to your office (9 to 5) and you are being assigned to do a number of tasks at a time, what would be the ultimate result? You won't be able to do a single task efficiently and perfectly. Don't take too many projects though you think you would complete those in time as you work from your home. Don't think of making huge amount of money at the very beginning. It takes some time.

4. You Are Too Busy To Communicate With Your Buyer:
After getting a job, some freelancers become so exited and boisterous that they often forget to communicate with their buyers. Most of the buyers want a weekly progress report. Sadly, many providers don't care much about that. You have to build a good relation with your buyer. You would be glad to know that, a good relation helps you get your hourly/ fixed price rate increased.

5. You Aren't Persistent and Continual:
The virtual world is very competitive and aggressive especially online marketplaces. The number of providers has been rapidly increasing and it's becoming more competitive day by day. However, many new providers seem to be unsatisfied about their jobs as they are being hired with a small amount of money. Nevertheless, you have to be persistent and assiduous towards your works. Although you don't get high-price jobs at the beginning, you will get your hiring price increased later upon having experiences. Be persistent as you won't be able to make a huge amount of money overnight. It takes some time.

Finally, I can say that, if you really want to succeed in freelancing, you should aware of these mistakes. However, mistakes do happen. Try to learn from your mistakes. Take your online jobs seriously, concentrate on your works and try to build a good relation with the buyer.

Foqrul Islam is a successful internet marketer and freelancer. He is the owner and founder of where he shares each and every aspect of making money online. In order to discover the hidden truth of making money online from your home, keep your eyes on the website.