Sunday, May 2, 2010

Freelancing Mistakes to Be Avoided by Harry Baldev

Being a freelancer is the best thing that could ever happen to anybody bearing in mind the big bucks associated with working for multiple companies. True as that may sound, there are some contributing factors that can effectively make sure that you will not get to touch even the smallest of the so called big bucks simply because you let everything else fly out through the window as you salivated at the thought of you smiling all the way to the bank. Simply put, there are some mistakes that people make which hinder them from being quite the effective freelancers that they are supposed to be.

Taking a client for granted is one of the surest ways of digging your way into the grave simply because you are the one in need of money and not him. You should therefore strive to keep your client as much as possible through being the most reliable which is only achievable through prompt delivering of their work. This could also be achieved through delivering of a clients work before the expiry of the period. It may look like boot licking but this is the surest way of winning your clients trust as whenever new work comes by he will always keep you on it. Make sure that you can be easily reached through phone contacts and other forms of communication. Just be a friendly type of person and show interest in whatever it is they are doing.

Being the yes man all through will cost you considerably. This is the type of freelancer who never thinks before answering questions relating to work load and such related matters. It is the greatest letdown for you to nod to a clients request knowing very well that you are not in a position to deliver. You can imagine the damage you will have caused such a client. But worse still, you might find them having dedicated a whole site to some of the people with the worst services ever and your name could be top on the list.

Talking back about your clients on social sites will be the greatest blunders of all time that you can ever commit. You should have at the back of your mind the thought that clients always make outrageous decisions and as such, do not go badmouthing them on face book with your friends. They could be listening and that could be the end of your contract which means that the big bucks will have been lost.

Bring your best friend over into this small company that you have just started and that will be your own undoing. Friendship and business have always been strange bedfellows in the sense that there are those who will be guided by the monetary value part while you as the person who came up with the initial idea. Since a friend will never want to be associated with bad times, he will always ditch you when the times are tight.

Whether a freelance graphic designer, you want to find a Freelancer or Freelance writer editor, the above mentioned are just some of the many mistakes that freelancers do. But if you avoid them then you can rest assured that your business will flourish