Sunday, May 9, 2010

Start Freelancing With Five In-Demand Jobs by Eden Paul

If you are looking to start freelancing on either a full or part-time basis, there are some great in-demand jobs that you can start doing right from your own home with little to no previous experience required.

Some hot jobs for new freelance professionals include:

1. Everyday Photography. Take pictures of everyday items around your house. Magazines, online e-zines and online web-based companies will pay good money for nice snapshot photos.

2. Writing Articles for Websites. Websites and online publications are looking for more and more content writers. You can write about your favorite topics and get paid to do it! Some companies pay per article while others pay for each page of content. Sales letters can earn over $1,000 per page...even with no previous writing experience.

3. Write Reviews Product companies, magazine subscription companies and online websites will pay for honest reviews of products that you use everyday. You are paid just for your impressions and candid feedback.

4. Online Research. All you need is an internet connection and love to surf to do this job. Companies pay freelancers to research competitors and report what you find back to them.

5. Virtual Assistants. Work from home to complete online tasks, send emails, and perform other work for independent professionals or small businesses that don't require a full-time secretary or office manager. Your tasks can include anything from secretarial work to meeting and travel planning to project managing and coordinating.

With these great opportunities, there has never been a better time to try freelance work for yourself.

Eden Paul is a CPA and small business owner who enjoys helping others follow their dreams by using freelance communities and resources like GoFreelance For more information and ideas on how to start working for yourself, visit