Sunday, June 27, 2010

Freelancing 2010 by James Alina

Freelancing has become one of the major professions for almost everyone! With the beginning of 2010, many freelancers are planning to chalk out their new strategies and goals for the year. So before setting an agenda for this New Year take a look at some quick steps that can be useful for making the career successful.

Profile completeness

Profile is important for increasing chances of getting freelance jobs It is a prerequisite for the freelancers to acquire more freelance jobs and to become an established web worker. Profile works as a resume as it includes essential information, which a buyer would be interested in knowing before finalizing a provider for his project. An online profile has all the relevant information about skill sets, education, certification, recommendations and work experience.

Online skill tests

Online skill tests are also available online across a wide range of categories. These skill tests scores can be displayed online on profiles or portfolios. A buyer might get impressed with this and award with the project. So to win over the attention of buyers, the freelancers need to take the online skill test in their area of expertise as certified service providers manage to get access to some real good projects faster.

Education & credentials verified

Getting skill tests verified can be a great of winning a freelance projects and they have an edge over unverified credentials. Buyers always look out for genuine providers with authenticated skills to outsource their projects to them. Having a profile containing a verification seal brighten the chances of winning a freelance job simply and immediately.

Participate in Q&A

This works as a knowledge sharing platform as it allows a user to share, learn and ask questions to build a network with the people in same domain. A user can raise a query, answer questions, and share knowledge with people from across the globe. This helps in improving skill sets, connecting with people from similar of different areas of freelancing business.

Promote your profile

Marketing and promoting an online profile is another important requirement of freelancers across the globe. Join the affiliation programs online, refer friends and earn through activity they would perform on the platform. Also, earn money while showcasing profile link, portfolio, certifications and earnings on different websites.

Analyze these suggestions and utilize the most required for you to enhance you freelancing career. Please share your feedback and comments as always.

Alina, a competent result oriented freelance professional and consultant with more than 4 years of extensive experience in Content writing and website development. Write articles on varied topics such as freelancing, trends, freelance project, market, jobs, resources etc.