Sunday, July 4, 2010

Using Newsletters For Marketing

Newsletters are a marketing tool used by businesses to keep in touch with their existing and potential customers or clients. Businesses can make the most out of this simple marketing tool; they can use it to advertise their products, introduce new services, offer discounts or promos, and announce events, among others. In the world of business, it is always important to make customers and clients feel satisfied. Thus, business owners always have to put their interests in mind.

Newsletters have started out as a print-based material. These require, for the creator, to gather news, feature articles or information that can be featured on the newsletter; layout and design using Microsoft Office Publisher, Office, or any other computer program; copy and proof readingl; and then printing it out en masse for distribution. The whole process of production is labor intensive, not to mention costly. Any company or organization need to invest money on production.

Imagine: if you have a thousand subscribers, how much would you need to produce and distribute newsletters? The hardwork and effort can be time consuming.

For those businesses who want to save money, but still be able to produce newsletters for their clientele, they can make use of online newsletters. These online newsletters are a practical way to help market your business and of course, your products and services. Online, there are different companies that offer such service. Or you can just opt to make your own using tools for newsletters online. Newsletters can be available with a fee, sometimes, for free over the internet.

Newsletters that do not come with a price are often given to those businesses who want to undergo a trial period for a maximum of 30 days and sometimes more; to experience how the product works, how they can use it to their advantage, and how the feedback will be from their clients or customers. This comes with a free use of newsletter templates as well as distribution to their clienteles email addresses. You just need to have a mailing list, complete with contact information.

Making email newsletters on your own can be easy. You just need to be, of course, connected to the internet. Websites that offer such service have templates you can choose from. Just browse through their selection, and choose the one that best fit your business image. Once you have selected the template, you can edit according to your preference: font, color, table, layout, etc. You can also replace the images with your own. Put pictures of your products, if you like.

Always make sure that you get to save your work once you make changes or when you are already finished. You will be directed to a send or even a review option. Before you go and send it your clientele, make sure that you have proof read. Go over the news, article, or promo sections to check the veracity of the information contained. Then click send; you will be asked to enter all the names and addresses of your clientele beforehand or during the latter part of the process.

About the Author:
Martha Killian has been writing articles online for about 2 years now in a printing company. You can also check out this website for more information about newsletters and how to start and make newsletter templates.