Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Article Writing Career by Sev Cabrera

When you want to make money online, a good starting place would be by being an article writer. Online article writers don not need any diploma to start off their career, all they need is to have the passion to write and the knack of connecting to their target audience. You actually don't need to have any previous experience on this type of career, as long as you're good at writing, you enjoy writing and you don't run out of ideas to write, then this is the right job for you.

In doing online article writing you must first know what articles are good and is selling. You can't just go write about anything, you must have a target audience and you must choose, are you a free content writer or a dollar content writer? Both have their very own advantages and disadvantages, you just have to know what is right for your skills and abilities, still, the big bucks is said to be in the dollar content writing so that's your best bet.

Now as we know, the amount of people that will notice your article will depend on the choice of keyword you choose. If you use a crappy keyword then most probably you will end up wasting your articles, even if their good quality ones. Same as true if you use a keyword that has a lot of competition (used by big companies or overused keywords), your articles may be ignored or you are likely to never get up to those much needed first two pages (where the money customers are).

Also, if you want your articles to be noticed by a lot of people, you have to know and learn about search engine optimization. Optimizing your website writings to various search engines is the key to a high traffic website. Along with your good keywords, optimization skills will bring in more visitors to your site and will put you to that much needed top rank you desire.

These skills are a must have if you want to earn money through article writing, it is an in demand career right now so you have to expect some competition. Still, those competitors of yours are probably new to the job as well and if they do not know what to do then you have an edge over them. Learn the trade before you jump into the wagon, that is the trick, and for your part, you just learned some of them.

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