Sunday, May 2, 2010

How to Freelance - 3 Critical Differences Freelancers and Employees Have

If you're thinking about going into freelancing, then this article may be of help to you. When you first start out with your own freelance business, you may find out some things that you are not used to and quite frankly different as if you were working for someone.

Here are a few things to keep an eye out for and how to handle them.

First, you do not get a pay check every two weeks. In freelancing you are not getting a pay check every other Friday. You'll need to bill you're clients and wait 30 days or so for payment (if they pay by check).

However, if you are completing work for multiple clients, you could get multiple checks and get paid more frequently. That's one of the benefits about owning your own business, you can get more clients to make more money and get paid more frequently.

The next thing to think about is no one is around to give you work to do. You'll have to get it yourself. At first, you may find it odd that you don't have a boss around to give you work to do.

This becomes apparent right after you make the decision to go into freelancing. While not having a boss can be nice, you're only goal is to get clients so you can get the work.

Finally, you are expected to perform better than an employee. Yes you read that right. You are looked at in a different light with your clients. You are expected to get the work done better and faster than your client's employees. While it may sound intimidating, it really isn't. You'll get used to it and actually enjoy the role you take on.

So while you will experience some major differences between working on a job or being self employed, you'll eventually get used to them. Look at it this way. You had to adjust being an employee at some point in time. It's no different here. You may find you prefer to work this way.

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